Hear it from our entrepreneurs

To get the best understanding of how we work and what it means to be a part of Indutrade, you can read these stories of some of the entrepreneurs who have sold their companies to us. What did the acquisition mean for them and how do they perceive Indutrade as an owner?

It’s very important to us, knowing that our efforts to grow are encouraged and supported by Indutrade.

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Richard Derksen

MD, Tradinco

The acquisition process was incredibly smooth and transparent. As an owner, Indutrade is very open and receptive to our needs.

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Mikael Törnberg

CEO, Acumo

Indutrade has emphasized how important employees are, which has really inspired us. Our company culture has evolved in sync with Indutrade’s own.

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Per-Olow Jansson

MD, GPA Flowsystem

Indutrade allows us the freedom to conduct our daily business as usual and support us when we need it.

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Memo Ildirar

MD, Inovatools

It was very important to me that the new owner not only cared about our business interests, but also our employees.

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Lars Bendixen

MD, Elma Instruments

Indutrade understands our business and provides us with a clear direction, focusing on customers, growth and earnings.

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Per-Olof Bergqvist

MD, Dasa Control Systems AB

I know other MDs in the Group. They work in similar industrial environments as we do, which gives me access to valuable experience.

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Gerd Ruhland


We can benefit from Indutrade’s financial strength and experience in acquisitions.

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Claus Dall-Hansen

MD, Combilent

It is a major plus that technology is at the heart of Indutrade’s business. They understand us and they are interested in our products.

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Niels Klagenberg

MD, Crysberg A/S

Indutrade is an owner in the background, but I can always rely on support when I need it. This owner strategy fits us very well.

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Timo Sääski

MD, Geotrim Oy